Amb la calma

New collection

how we are?

We are people made of sea who designe and produce in the Balearic Islands, this is why we have created this new brand sea friendly, borned from the sea using t-shirts with ETC responsible accredited certification. Designed and stamped in the Balearic Islands!

A new design concept with an urban and current style that does not lose the essence of where we come from. Our designes are exclusive and unique with messages that are always signed by the author, they are... a special souvenir.

what do we do?

Designs with personality

for men

The cloathing collection includes six plain color t-shirts and two sailor stripes t-shirts. sizes from s to XXXL.

for women

The catalog consists of six models and a wide range of colors, sizes from XS to XL.

for children

The children collection consists of a wide range of colors and sizes from 2 to 12 years old.

for babies

And this season we are launching the new collection for the younger ones, made of organic cotton.


Season 2017

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